Ring Groug-confirm calls; selective

In a ring group, there is an option for “confirm calls” which is very convenient when my cell phone has no signal. So that callers won’t be connected to cell phone voice mail immediately.

However, in some situations, I have 2 landlines and 1 cell phone in a ring group. If “confirm calls” is checked, when users pick up landlines, they will also hear “you have an incoming call, press 1 to receive it”. Because my landlines are already dedicated for a DID, I would be fine if the “confirm calls” option is deactivated for landline although I still want “confirm calls” to be on for cell phone.

Therefore, I am asking whether it is possible that we can select which external number to have “confirm calls”. I know the answer; my true intention is that maybe this can be an enhancement for freepbx3.0 :-). Love to get feedback to see whether it makes sense or useful.