Ring extension after attended transfer?

I’m using FreePBX Distro 5.211.64-14, with 40 Aastra 6731 and 6737 phones. The system has been running for over a year with a handful of extensions, but I just brought the main office onto it about a week ago.

Things are working very well, but I’m getting the normal requests to make it work “like the old one did.” Most of those I explain away, but there is one thing I can see the benefit to, and would like to try to implement it.

Currently, the phones are set to auto-answer internal calls. Blind transfers from the receptionist ring into the phone and show the external call’s CID as one would expect. Attended transfers seem to work fine, except that upon completion (when the receptionist hangs up or hits Transfer the second time), the CID display is updated and the external call is connected “live” to the target extension. We could live with this, except that the receptionist doesn’t actually make attended transfers very often – she just goes through the motions without saying anything to the target extension. This results in the external call being live on the target extension’s speaker, without that user realizing it.

Aside from the obvious training issue (“Don’t do that!”), I’d like to emulate what the old system did. On that system, an attended transfer would result in the external call ringing on the target extension, at which point the user had the option to answer it or not, just as if it had come in directly on that user’s DID.

Any thoughts? I know that the “right” answer is training the receptionists, but they’re already pretty bogged down with the new system, and this would make it much easier for everyone, and save me several hours of lecturing.