Ring even if no extensions are registered


Is there a way to stop FreePBX answering a call with ’ the number is not in service’ if no extensions are registered?

In this particular situation I’m using FreePBX and have trunk from a PSTN gateway being routing into an extension group.

What i don’t want to happen is if no extensions in the ring group are registered then the system immediately answers in bound calls with the ‘the number is not in service’ message.

What I would like to happen is for the call not to be actually answered until the time set by the ring group and then the call should be router to what is set in the ring group in ‘Destination if no answer’. i.e. it should behave just like there where extensions registered and ringing but not answered.

I don’t want to use queues (or similar) that ‘play’ the ringing tones to a caller as I don’t want the call actually answered until the ring group time out.

I need something like a dummy or fake extension that pretends to be registered and the PBX thinks the extension is ringing on in bound calls.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



There is a ‘queue no answer’ option, however not sure if it applies to a trunk other than ‘straight’ SIP type - or a PSTN trunk throuhg a (SIP?) gateway…

(and it’s a /queue/ option, not available in a ring group; also the queue can be set to have MOH class ‘ring only’, and a ‘strict join empty’ so the callers won’t be allowed to the queue when there are no extensions registered in it).

Queue also actually solves the ‘simultaneous incoming ringing’ problem, which the ring group does not.

Thanks el_es,

I will have to look into your suggestion, but previously when I’ve used queues I’ve found that the queue answers the in coming call which is not what I need it to do.

The reason that i don’t want the call answered straight away is because the PSTN gateway is in a remote location and there is also an analogue phone plugged in to the same PSTN line which they might want to answer, but if the situation occurs that no extensions are registered the call will get answered straight way by the pbx with the ‘number is not in service’ message which is what I want to avoid.


on the risk of linking to my own post: Solved: Queue instead of Ring Group / setup Newbie question(s) :wink:

I still DO NOT know whether this WILL work for PSTN to SIP gw - my trunks are just SIP only…

Thanks el_es for the very quick reply!

I can see from your post that you’ve spent some time on this.

I will test out your suggestion and let you know the results.

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I’ve tested your suggestion of using a queue with the ‘no answer’ option and it works! The line is not answered and if an extension is registered it rings.

What I can’t figure out if its possible to use a Fail Over Destination after say 30 second? I’ve tried setting the Max Wait Time, but this doesn’t seem to work. What I would like to happen is after a period of time the call IS answered by voicemail.

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Mmmm, don’t know, sorry… my bet would be on Agent Timeout (and/or appropriate Max Wait Time Mode setting).

(my own setup involves my provider trying each of the incoming trunk accounts for a set amount of time, which means I never really hit the conditions I have set on my queue settings, being MWT equal to AT and MWTM=Loose) (and I don’t use VM on my own server, so the above was made to force the incoming calls to /providers/ VM if queue times out)