Ring Duration (timeout) on a ZAP outbound channel

I’m looking for the way to ‘parametrize’ the duration of ring time on an outbound call.

Actually I’m using Xlite/SP922 as soft/phones and a TDM400 with a FXO port.

Problem is that ring time for an outbound call, when there is no answer from the other side, only lasts for about 28 seconds.

I will like to extend this time to, lets say, 45 seconds, to allow lazy people to have time to answer their phone.

Can any kind user point me where must I configure this time (I’ve tried lots of places to write parameters like ringtimeout=xxx with no result).

Thanks in advance

Has not anybody experienced this problem ??

Any hint or solution ???



Please be patient. You are asking a collective of users who try and help for free here.You’ll need to wait until somebody who knows a lot about the dial plan and ZAP configuration settings along with the potential of how asterisk works under the hood to read your question and reply. When somebody who knows about what you are asking see’s your question and knows the answer, they will answer if they have the time. If you NEED a quicker response then that please take a look at the support options along the left hand side and select one.

Some questions can sit for several days before getting a answer and others have never been answered because it is just to unique, or is lacking enough information or details to be answered.