Ring Cell phone simaltaneously

Is there a way to ring the cell phone while the softphone rings and if none of them pick up then transfer to the softphone voicemail instead of the cell phone voicemail?

Thanks in advance

Check out the “Follow Me” me module. It allows exactly that.


I made a que to my cell number and if the soft phone is not answered then it ques to my cell phone.

What is your Ring Strategy set to?

Ring Strategy:

hunt: take turns ringing each available extension

ringallv2: ring primary extension for initial ring time followed by all additional extensions until one answers

ringall: ring all available channels until one answers (default)
memoryhunt: ring first extension in the list, then ring the 1st and 2nd extension, then ring 1st 2nd and 3rd extension in the list… etc.

*-prim: these modes act as described above. However, if the primary extension (first in list) is occupied, the other extensions will not be rung. If the primary is FreePBX DND, it won’t be rung. If the primary is FreePBX CF unconditional, then all will be rung

firstavailable: ring only the first available channel

firstnotonphone: ring only the first channel which is not off hook - ignore CW

1)I made a que to my cell phone. It only has my number on it (no other extensions).
2)I have a Ring Group established. Destination if no answer: goes to that que #1.

The ring strategy is “ringall” but I don’t think that matters because there is only my cell number there.
The reason I used a que for this because supose at one time the 4 lines of this ring group are all unanswered I will receive each one in a orderly fashion on the cell phone. The customer has good music and is informed where he is in the que.