Ring Cell Phone and Desk phone at once

I was curious if there is a way to make freepbx ring the extension and a cell phone at the same time and if neither pick up, leave voicemail with freepbx.


Yessir that feature is called “Find Me/Follow Me.” You can find it in the UCP, or Applications > Extensions > Edit Extension

Go to the extension in FreePBX Applications | Extensions. Click the “Find Me/Follow Me” Tab. Enable it, set initial ring time to 0 and Ring Strategy to RingallV2. In the Follow-Me list leave the extension, on the second line put the 10 digit mobile number - no dashes - followed by a #. Under confirm calls hit yes (this will stop calls being routed to the mobile phone voicemail and ensure the VM stays in FreePBX vm if not answered by any phone).

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Thank you for the help!

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