Ring Cadence and Call Transfers

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My current set up consists of 10 or so DID’s that I have set up with no special settings applied. My catch-all DID for incoming calls on our office’s general lines ring into a ring-group. On the general DID, i have the alert info field filled out with “Bellcore-dr3” so we know those calls are coming from the main number.

When calls come in and are transferred to the appropriate destination, I would like to have the alert info change the cadence of the call back to a standard ring so each user knows that the call is directed only to them. Is this something that can be done with FreePBX?

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I have a similar requirement and wanted to know if you resolved this and if so how it was done.


If you look at the follow me settings for the extension, you will see a field there for “alert info” which I use for this purpose. The problem is that the call being transferred must not have the “alert info” already set. If the alert info is already set, the follow-me setting will be ignored. To clarify:

Incoming call hits inbound route with no alert info
Goes to ring group with no alert info
call is answered and transferred to an extension with follow-me alert info set
extension rings with proper cadence

If any of the steps before the transfer sets the alert info, the follow me alert info is ignored. Just confirmed this with FreePBX 2.8 and I can remember complaining about same as far back as 2.6. This seems like a bug to me.

I never got a resolution to this “bug.” We have just been living with it.

The only time I want the alert-info field changed is if the destination of the call is to the ring group. Any time the direct extensions are dialed I would like the ring to be the standard cadence. This is already working just fine.

My problem lies with the ring group changing the cadence and not being able to change it back once the call is transferred onto a specific extension.

Did you ever read this posting?

I am going to test it with an Aastra 6731 and hope that it does the trick.


Following the instructions on the previous link worked:)

I added:

if ($rgmethod == “none”)

This causes regular incoming calls to ring normally. Then when a call gets transferred to a specific extension it does a different ring so users know that it was previously answered.