Ring before asterisk pickup

Im running Freepbx 2.1 - I would like to have the incoming trunk ring once or twice before Freepbx/asterisk picks the call up. I cant see that this can be done in the web gui - Any Ideas on how to configure this?


In some of the standard zapata.conf files around the line immediate=no is missing and then it seems to default to yes.

OK …
How would Asterisk know not to answer the call???

For asterisk to “know” about the call it has to “answer” the call…

Now once Asterisk answers the call you can do just about anything…

If u lay oput what you need then maybe someone will answer for U

For incoming zap lines, the default setting “immediate=no” in /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf will get asterisk to answer on the 3rd ring, the delay in answering is to enable asterisk to receive CLID. Have you unknowingly set immediate=yes?

Not sure about VOIP lines.