Ring back on unanswered transferred calls

I have a customer that I just installed a new freepbx system at that would like a feature they had on their old phone system to work on the new one. With their old phone system when the receptionist would transfer a call to a persons extension if they didn’t answer it would ring back to the receptionist instead of going to VM then she would ask if they would like to be transferred to that persons VM. Is there a way in Freepbx to get it setup like that where when anyone transfers a call if it isn’t picked up it will go back to the person that transferred it?

It’s certainly possible, it depends a lot on a few things you haven’t mentioned:

  • Do you want the phone to always go to the receptionist when the phone goes unanswered? This would include internal calls, direct dials, etc?
  • Would the customer be willing to use a hot key on the phone to CF the phone to the receptionist?
  • Are they using attended or unattended transfer?

You can always pick a destination when the extension would normally go to VM without doing anything to voicemail. You can send a call direct to voicemail using “*” and the extension number, so the last half of your request is pretty simple.