Ring at different extension based on time conditions

I want to set up time conditions to ring at different extensions

For example
From 9:00 am to 1:00 pm ring at extension 100 for all incoming calls and from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm ring at extension 101 for all incoming calls and anything outside of these time conditions send to voicemail at extension 103 etc…

How can I set this up?

Inbound Route -> Time Condition 1 -> Time Condition 2 -> VM 103

Create time conditions with the times/day of week you want

I can only select one Time Condition per Inbound Route so I don’t understand the instructions/help. I will also have more time condition say direct the call to a thrid time condition over the weekend

Point the “Destination non-matches” of the first time condition to the next time condition, and so on.

You can “daisy-chain” Time Conditions. So, Inbound route to TC1. If time matches 0900-1259, go to extension 100. If time doesn’t match, go to TC2. TC2 if time matches 1300-1700, go to extension 101. If time doesn’t match, VM 103.

Got it! I did not realize that I could “daisy-chain” a time condition. Thanks for the help

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