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as already mentioned here,
community.freepbx /t/right-popup-menu/78292

In my opinion as well, the right slider popup menu is impairing usability of Freepbx.
it’s cool that it is there for whoever uses it, but why force it down with such ferocity is beyond me… really really annoying.

Has to be un-clicked every single time, and it blocks off crucial parts, so options are: waiting for it to slide away or un-clicking.
Lucky to have element blocker here installed, so blocking permanently div id=“floating-nav-bar” or you can temporarily delete with firebug etc.

*Intended to include video/screen shots of floating-nav behavior here on chrome/debian but unfortunately not allowed as new registered user. Will follow up with it later.

FreePBX is great otherwise, been years since using it last, it came a long way, unbelievable! stuff just works now haha, awesome thanks!

Click the settings cog on the top right and disable it from sliding out automatically.


Thank you.

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