Rhino analog card driver installation

I just installed an Asterisk 13.19.1 build using Ward’s Incredible 13-13 Pbx.
Everything is configured, but I’m having a time trying to install my Rhino analog card with 2 fxo modules. Last system I installed, the script from Rhino below worked great, but I can’t get the copy command working. The symvers does not exist.
I think I need to compile some things from source, but I’m not sure how to proceed.

Thank you!

Here’s my script that used to work. I changed the dahdi/linux version numbers to match my system.
If I run make I get some warnings, but it seems to compile.
Then when I try to add rcbfx to the dahdi/modules file, that file does not exist. I can’t seem to find where it preloads the stock digium cards like it used to. :frowning:


That script is over 6 or 7 years old. It hasn’t been maintained probably in 5. There is a solid chance much of it doesn’t work. The driver’s are included in the FreePBX distro so no script is used. Their forums may be best as they know the state of the project over there and any quirks that need to be accounted for. That script basically did a fingerprint on the system and managed through the quirks for each known build.


I installed latest freepbx distro and it worked out of the box.

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