Rewrite outgoing number


How can I rewrite an outgoing number?

Say if I want to re-write 411 so that it dials the local Dominoes store :slight_smile:


Oops I spoke too soon with Misc Destination… :frowning:

You would have to do it with a Misc Application Pointing to a MIsc Destination which is a bit of a kludge, but so is the ringgroup though the latter is simpler.

In any event, you can easily do it with an Outbound Route in the same way you can do it with at trunk assuming you are running 2.8 or later. If you use the wizard in the trunk, you will see where to put what, the pattern in the trunk would be the same.

(Affectively, 611 is your prefix, you new number is your prepend, and there is no match pattern…


That was exactly what I wanted. Thank you.


if you are going to do that, then you may as well use Misc Dest to do it.

The trunk rewrite rule has certain advantages, in situations where you may want to rewrite differently or not at all depending on the trunk.

You may have a primary POTS that includes 411 as part of the service plan, and an overflow SIP trunk that has no 411 and you want to use some other service, for example…

I wonder if he specifically wanted to do “411” or was taking about any generic number.

When I’ve needed to do this, I’ve built a custom extension.


I’ve built a custom extension before and just used a dial command. But it butchers the caller ID. The call goes out with internal caller ID.

So I thought if I did this as a trunk or an outbound route it would perserve the caller ID. It’s working well on trunk, but I’ve got a ton of trunks. So if I can do it as an oubound route that would be preferable.

Or even a misc destination as I would only have to do it once. However, I’m not seeing how I could tie that misc destination to 611.


you use the dial pattern wizard in trunks, and choose the ‘Setup Directory Assistance’ option.

It will walk you through the number you want to dial and what you want replaced, then put it in the patterns and you can see from there how to do it.

Create a ring group called 411, put the Domino’s number as the only entry in the destination.

(If you want to test this out, I’ll send you the number of my local domino’s and you can order me a pizza) (grin).