Return blind transfer if not picked up

I keep reading that if no VM is setup and you blind transfer a call it should return to the sender after a timeout but this doesn’t seem to happen. the call gets told “all circuits are busy” and hung up on after the timeout.

is there a way from the GUI to call a custom context on timeout? I figure that is easiest as I can modify the caller ID as return:callerID and send back to the source so they know its a return call. for now, I just set an extension to return to our reception ring group but there are 4 receptionists so it would be nice to get them back to the one who sent the call in the first place.

Or am I overthinking this? is there an easy way to do it? I see huge scripts all over and none seem to work. half seem to break the way transfer works all together and some just have no result.

First, if something is documented as “works X” and it doesn’t, you need to submit a ticket so that either the docs can be fixed, or the software can.

Second, yeah, you should be able to build and implement a simple enough custom context for that.

There is an open feature request for this:

If you scroll to the end, you will see all you need to manually enable this feature.

Not sure where you are reading this, this is not the case.

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