Return after failed blind transfer

Here’s the problem:
After a blind transfer I would set the return after N seconds if the transfer target does not respond.
There is this setting of FreePBX?

IMHO there is no return after a ‘blind’ transfer.

That’s the way I would expect it to work as well. If the call doesn’t go, it should drop to wherever you have the extension set to drop unanswered calls (Voicemail, a ring group, terminate call, etc.).

If I want to be able to make sure the call gets answered, I’d think you’d want to do an attended transfer and hang in there until the call is passed off to a human.

It is in fact a call back if it is an assisted transfer and since them we agree …

But sometimes it happens that someone makes the blind transfer and a couple of customers I have pointed out that the call does not come back.

From the way you answered the function is not there, you can make something yourself?

If you can make someone can post the sample lines?

Thank you