Retrieve recordings with REST interface

Hi everyone,
I’m working with FreePBX 16 (Asterisk 18) and trying to use the REST API to retrieve recordings list and files.
I see recordings go in the default location of /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/YYYY/MM/DD/ while REST API looks for file in /var/spool/asterisk/recording/ so this is not working at the moment. I also would like that only ‘complete’ recordings get returned by REST API (e.g. stored calls, not calls currently live). How to accomplish this?
I found these options, but I do know how to go on:

  • change the default folder of MixMonitor within extensions_additional.conf to /var/spool/asterisk/recording/ but I see 2 drawbacks: 1) this file is supposed NOT to be edited (so how FreePBX supports this?) 2) assuming this works, this would return live calls too and not stored calls only

  • leave asterisk configuration as it is, and then copy complete file from monitor folder to recordings folder at OS level, but I think this is an extremely dirty solution

  • I’ve read that REST API handles recordings done by Stasis application, so this would require writing a Stasis application but I don’t know how to make an application which simply record a call

Can anyone please point me to a good solution?

I think the best solution would be the third, but I have found no documentation at all for doing simple call recordings which could be retrieved via REST API.
Can anyone please provide some help or documentation?

I can’t help specifically with the built in FreePBX REST interface portion of this, but Sangoma does make a commercial module that uses a REST API to retrieve and download call recordings (and voicemails too) Wiki Link Here:[hardBreak]GET-/admin/api/sangomacrm/rest/calls/recording/:uuid

It looks like it costs $91 for a 1 year license or $275 for a 25 year license. Plus on 6/26 you
can save 50% by using code TROPICALTANGO Info Here: Flash Summer Sale | FreePBX - Let Freedom Ring

Store Link here:

PS> I currently use PBXact Cloud so this module is included, and does exactly what you’re wanting.