retrieve_conf failed, config not applied Ignore this Reload failed because retrieve_conf encountered an error: 1

So I’m a newbie with asterisk severs and I was getting the gist of it. Anyways I entered this in the Linux CLI

cd /usr/lib/asterisk/modules
amportal restart

then I believe the asterisk server kept going in a loop…

So Now when I try to config something in the PBX Web GUI I keep getting an error from allowing me to do so. Please Help!

Thank You,

Nick Ezenwabachili

Hi welcome to FreePBX,

Unfortunately what you’ve tried to download is an illegally cracked g729 module. Try purchasing a license from Digium and supporting the development team:

I bought the g729 codec from the google play store for csipsimple. I was just following this thread on how to set up an amazon EC2 PIAF with google voice.

To use the codec in Asterisk you must also buy the license from Digium. Buying one license for your phone software will not suffice and the module download link you posted is illegal.

Also note the second you link just posted is also illegal

Okay I’ll buy the codec, but I need to fix the error in my FreePBX server because now I can’t edit anything…

Remove the illegal codec from Asterisk. Thats whats causing your issues.

How do I do that?

Delete the file you downloaded from the /usr/lib/asterisk/modules directory

Some how I found the file in hard drive. Anyways I’m going to start a new instance on the amazon EC2 and avoid using that code. Just wondering what codecs you y’all use?

I’m using this tutorials to set this asterisk sever.
This forum gave me the illegal code. I apologize for that I was unaware.

We use all that we need and can legitimatly use.

you make it hard for yourself as a newbie. start with a physical machine or a virtualbox/kvm machine that will boot a distro. (one available at the top of this page :-))

I edited out the links, please don’t do that.

Also, why would you have to “find” the file. I told you the directory it was in and you downloaded it to that directory.

If you are cutting and pasting and don’t know what the commands do I think you should slow down and learn a little bit about File Systems and Red Hat Linux. You will be in for a much less bumpy ride.

Also the step clearly was labeled as optional.

Again I apologize. I know very little linux like barely, but I kind of understand the coding procedures.

I actually understand how to launch and set up the asterisk server! I just want to use the g729 codec with my samsung galaxy s4. I apologize about that illegal posting earlier I honestly didn’t know. :frowning:

tm1000 told me this is the legitimate place to download the g729 codec

I know this is random but do any of y’all know to install an opus codec?
Again I apologize with all these questions. I’m just a 19 year college kid trying to set up his own PBX server.