Retrieve an attended transfer

A customer of ours needs to be able to retrieve an attended transfer if the call goes to voicemail during the attended portion of the transfer because the recipient didn’t answer and the announcement goes to voicemail. There was a post on this Ring back to transferrer instead of going to voicemail? which resulted in a ticket being created; “ticket #2678”. Was anything ever done with this or is there a procedure that exists for the call to be retrieved? Appreciate any help.

The thread referenced is about blind transfers. On an attended transfer, you shouldn’t need to do anything special. For example:

  1. Answer external call.
  2. Press Transfer and dial extension (or press BLF button set up for attended transfer).
  3. Caller is on hold while transferred-to extension rings.
  4. Call goes to voicemail, original caller is still on hold while you hear greeting.
  5. Press Cancel. On many phones, you are now reconnected to original caller. On others, he is still on hold and you press Resume to speak with him and take a message.

Thank you so much for the quick response. We will definitely test this to create a procedure for the account. We use Yealink and I don’t remember seeing a Cancel or Resume soft key during a call, but obviously haven’t used it so will revisit the phone. They are also using iSymphony which I would believe should provide similar access, but learning on that as well with this account.

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