Retaining sent PDF's from FAX after they have been emailed

The current state of inbound faxes made into PDF and emailed out is to delete them as shown below from extensions_additional.conf:

/etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf:exten => h,n,System(${ASTVARLIBDIR}/bin/fax2mail.php --to “${FAX_RX_EMAIL}” --dest “${FROM_DID}” --callerid ‘${STRREPLACE(CALLERID(all),’,\’)}’ --file ${ASTSPOOLDIR}/fax/${UNIQUEID}.tif --exten “${FAX_FOR}” --delete “${DELETE_AFTER_SEND}” --attachformat “${FAX_ATTACH_FORMAT}”)

Obviously the removal of --delete in extensions_additional.conf would itself be removed on any FreePBX update. The question is, is there a way the resulting PDF can be kept as it used to be in /var/spool/asterisk/fax

Thank you.

Yes. If you buy Fax Pro.

It never used to do this. Fax Pro enabled the storage ability. There has never been an ability before Fax Pro

Hi TM1000,
Then there is an issue because the FAX Pro module was purchased long ago. Perhaps that is why there are a lot of PDF’s in /var/spool/asterisk/fax



ls |wc -l


Like mentioned above, there are 0 from 2016. Not sure why.

Currently /etc/schmooze has;
license-77909377.zl pbx-brand pbx-failsafe pbx-version pbxid schmooze.zl

Strange thing is fax pro was ‘uninstalled’ and when running the install in module admin, it only says to go buy it. System admin does not show any license. But I know I bought that long ago.

The license file displays PBExact. That is wrong.
cat schmooze.zl
Hardware-Locked = Yes
Product-Name = PBXact


I think I found it in the store site…

FreePBX CM Fax Pro 25 Year License 1 2033-06-19 2015-11-15

How to get this working?


After carefully looking at the license for FreePBX CM Fax Pro 25 Year License is on a deployment which doesn’t exist.

How can we get the license listed in the non existent deployment into the live deployment?


WIth some luck we managed to get Fax Pro back into a FreePBX Server. Sent a fax to this FreePBX Server but the PDF is not in /var/spool/asterisk/fax

Sent a second fax and watched it come in using cli and saw:

–file /var/spool/asterisk/fax/1453348788.21962.tif --exten “” --delete “true” --attachformat “”"

Registered Modules
Fax Pro Expiration Date 2033-06-19 (Free Updates until 2015-11-16)

TM1000: any clues you might have as to getting the pdf to remain in /var/spool/asterisk/fax


You need to turn on “Local Store” for the Extension/User. Please read the wiki for more information on how to use Fax Pro. It’s all there.

We always had the incoming route for fax going to 666 system fax. The FreePBX server is at 6.12.65-31, the wiki for Fax Pro is for version 13.

To be clear here, the INBOUND ROUTE for the FAX DID:
Set Destination | Feature Code Admin | Dial System Fax <666>

Faxes to be sent out are NOT sent via Fax Pro. The only concern is INBOUND faxing.

Is there a doc for fax pro to enable retention of faxes for 6.12.xx ?

You can not send to System Fax. That was a old FreePBX 2.8 and older thing. For Fax module in FreePBX and Fax Pro you need to create a fax user and send the fax to them.

Tony, till this very day all inbound faxes go to system fax 666 and get emailed out.
FreePBDX Version is 6.12.65-31, asterisk is 13.5.0

We have Fax Pro. When you say create a fax user, can you please elaborate on that.


Everything you need is in that video ^

Created new ext. Enabled fax, used same email address to send and check marked ‘save locally’.

Inbound route did NOT check ‘detect fax’ but set destination to fax recipient.

Sent fax from outside test fax service, fax arrived, and fax in pdf and tif is saved in two places…

If the extension is solely for inbound faxes, what is purpose of ‘detect fax’?
Thank you for your help.