Restricting number of inbound calls to certain DID's

I’m having an issue where callers to one particular DID are filling up PRI’s. The destination of this DID is a hunt style ring group with 10 members. Skip Busy is enabled. The members are basically single line endpoints and will return a busy when they already have a call. No answer is set to terminate with busy signal.

Yet as showing in this show channels output, there are 17 calls coming in for DID 4693245301
Is there a better way to keep the PRI’s from being completely congested?

You have the ring time set to 50+ rings. You have the is also set to skip busy agents. you do have it set to terminate if no answer, but the PBX will try for 50 + rings before it disconnects the call. I think that is your problem.
You need to shorting your Ring Time. It is on to Skip busy Agents and to terminate the call if not answer.
But the ring time is defiantly the issue here.

I think in this hunt style, its 300 seconds per attempt. So it would be 300x10 (3000 seconds or 50 minutes) before you got a Terminate Call.

Looking at the situation a little closer, though, I’m a little confused. You say you are getting 17 inbound calls from your PRI. Are your endpoints using SIP? At first glance it looks like you just have 17 calls comming in. You may have someplace where you call yourself, I had a customer do that once, and so created a circular reference. Maybe check that… follow-me, call forwarding, etc

This is for a call in radio show so we’re trying to let callers ring as long as possible. Our telco actually cuts them off after 3 min of ringing so the full 300 sec of ringing never actually happens.

Yes the end points are all SIP

I have a catch setup to prevent users from calling our DID’s directly.

I would just have suspected after the 10th call, it would have sent the 11th call (and all the others) to terminate. I can’t figure out how we have all this calls sitting on the PRI. We’re about to expand our SIP trunk capacity and add some more toll free PRI’s but I don’t want to saturate all those lines as well. I’ll adjust the max ring time to match our telco’s timers.

Maybe it’s time to explore a queue instead of a ring group. I find that queues have a much better control granularity, and it also allows you to add and remove people from the queue if you want to be able to do that.

Dido what cynjut said. If it’s for a call-in you would want them to wait anyhow no? Drop them in a queue and let them wait. I don’t think you can limit the number of callers though… So many options I can’t remember them all.

When the show is done, they would, I imagine, leave the queue by themselves… or i suppose there is a way to fush the queue…