Restricted route

Good afternoon,

I am not sure what is happening here, but apparently external calls from a specific number, to FreePBX are ringing out. I checked the log and found several lines of “[email protected] char string:number” when I search the particular number in question.

I have checked my inbound routes and also blacklisted numbers and I can’t find anything that would target this particular number. I was wondering if anybody here would know what could be causing this? If I call my landline from my mobile, the log does not mention “restrictedroute”.


Thank you for that link, that was really helpful. I was trying to work out how to find a call trace as well! This is probably a silly question but if the number does not show in the trace, I’m going to assume the call never actually reached FreePBX?

Not necessarily. If you want to confirm if the call hits the PBX at all, run sngrep -c to watch all calls (INVITEs) hitting the PBX network interface

Thank you again for your response. It looks like the calls aren’t reaching FreePBX at all, I have a phone connected directly to the PSTN line and that rang earlier but the call never went through my Grandstream HT813, so that’s why it isn’t being passed over to FreePBX. I have enabled syslog on the HT813, I guess I’ll need to wait for another call. It’s strange that if I call the PSTN number from my mobile or work phone, the calls are always passed through the HT813, to FreePBX. Not really sure why calls from two particular 0141 numbers, aren’t being picked up by the HT813.

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