Restricted Route/Unavilable

I have a strange issue with what I believe is only one of our phones so far. Yesterday afternoon a user reported that they could not place any calls and when the phone calls came in they dropped immediately. I rebooted the phone and it seemed to work fine.
Same thing happened this morning so I dug a little deeper and it seems when calling out I get a restrictedroute-e4f762894f377193743f39684e65e82d PJSIP/2200- error, and when receiving a call I get s-CHANUNAVAIL. The only “restrictions” I have in place is under each extension they have a certain route assigned to them depending on the school they are at. I double checked and this phone had the right one’s assigned and it has also not changed since it was installed back in November.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello we are still having this issue which continues to happen at random and rebooting the phones temporarily fixes it. Not sure if anyone has any idea what it could be. Just now started having the same issue on another phone.

restrictedroutes is closed source, you should take that to Sangoma

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