"Restricted" incoming caller ID breaks trunk

I have two SIP trunks. One is from voip.ms and contains most of our incoming calls. We’ve had an issue over the last few weeks where our FreePBX server would lose it’s registration to voip.ms (but not the other trunk). Restarting always fixes the issue, but I’ve been unable to narrow down the issue, especially without knowing precisely what time the registration was lost as we may notice it some time later.

Today, I discovered that just before losing registration each time there is an incoming call in the voip.ms CDR that has the CallerID set as: “Restricted” [Restricted]. Each time a call comes in with “Restricted” as the caller ID number, FreePBX loses registration to voip.ms. For what it’s worth, we are using Superfecta. Perhaps there is some function in FreePBX/Asterisk that doesn’t like getting text instead of a number? I’ve looked through the “full” log and see calls up until the Restricted call, but no mention of the actual restricted call. Perhaps I need to set something to be more verbose.

Has anyone else run into this? I’m thinking I’ll see if voip.ms can just block Restricted calls for now, but would prefer not to block any incoming call in case it’s a customer. Thanks for any ideas!

If you don’t see the call while monitoring Asterisk logs, might be that they are sending you wrong packets which causes to stop the registration, and somehow FreePBX marks or as a restricted call.

I would contact them, and ask them why and what is the problem here with these calls?

Inbound calls have nothing to do with register outside of using the location set by the register.

A full debug of the call is actually needed.

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