Restrict users from recording a greeting?

We are using FreePBX for our VOIP phone system at a resort and I have a question. We have guests recording custom greetings, which get left on the system and then we receive complaints from future guests. Is there a way to deny a user’s ability to create a custom greeting? I’m guessing this is a permissions issue, anyone have any ideas?


You could allow the guests to continue to record their greeting, why not, on checkout just run

GUESTBOX=1234;rm -rf /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/${GUESTBOX}/*

which will in effect clear the whole account without destroying it, I assume the new guest is not interested in the old guest’s voicemails either.

I would have to run that command dozens of times a day, not an efficient use of my time, sorry.

Some would suggets you use a script as part of your checkout rather than doing it manually., so Please don’t apologize to me, I could care, if you are too busy to properly check out your guests then you could set all your busy.* and unavailable.* files to -w (no write permission) and aplogize to all your new guests for all the inappropriate messages being on the phone, as the MWI will remain lit for any unread messages.

I am sorry if that came across wrong. I do not do any of the checkouts, that is front desk, and through a resort program. I’m in IT and I just need to block the ability of people to record a custom greeting. We have a standard greeting that we use, which is to keep things uniform. Are there any permissions settings that would allow this? It seems that any custom greetings are stored in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/(extension number). I cannot deny write access to that folder, however, as this would also block new voicemail messages from being written to the inbox. Any ideas?

I guess you didn’t understand fully my post,

chmod 500 /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/(extension number)/*.{wav,WAV,gsm}

would achieve your aim, making them un-writable, your problem however remains with the old messages and MWI lamps.

I wonder if there’s a way to make Asterisk save the custom greeting to a different file location. I could create a new folder in each extension, change the path to save new greetings to there, then deny write privileges.

Oh well, I tried my best. Good luck though.

I tried that command dicko and was still able to record a new greeting, which replaced the standard greeting we are trying to preserve.

Same problem. As soon as a guest saves a new voicemail greeting, the new file is written, with the original permissions, and the owner is Asterisk. When file permissions were set to x00, the guest could still write the new voicemail. There must be a way to prevent this.