Restrict extensions from dialing other extensions

How can someone restrict one group of extensions from dialing another group of extensions. Ideally i understand a commonality is needed to do this. I was thinking that perhaps restricting by “Account Code” which is a variable in the detailed settings of an extension.

Perhaps someone know a way to restrict certain account to only be able to dial extensions within their group of extensions (determined by account code)

Secondly, if possible is there a way to be able to do this by Digital Receptionist.

Currently you can restrict voicemail boxes by using a context shared by a group of extensions. What i dont believe exists is the ability to restrict callers who have the option to dial the extension number to be restricted only to those extensions within that context (or above using account code).

Any help would be appreciated



I’m interested too.

it is planned but not there yet so it would be all custom coding to do it.

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How can I do it?

Could you require an account code for all calls or press 9 to make outgoing calls. Make 9 some other longer number. Then set all other extensions to prepend it to the dialing string?


Custom contexts. Do a search for it, its been described a few times.