Restrict Apply Config

Hello All,

we have a client that has freepbx v12 installed on their network. They have over 2500 extensions and apply configs can take between 4-5 mins which is fine. As this customer grows they are adding in additional users to help maintain their PBX systems. Is there a way to only restrict one user to Apply Config at a time after making changes?

The situation we are running into is that user1 has an extension open, and user2 has an extension open. If user1 and user2 make a change in freepbx, they are both presented with the Apply Config button at the top of their browser. Lets say that user1 walks away for a min and in that time, user2 hits apply config. during that time user1 walks back up and applys config. Is there a way of locking out the apply config if someone is already applying it to the system?


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