Restrict agents from transferring calls to external numbers?

Hey everyone. I just realized that if a customer calls someone in my office, and then the person in my office transfers them to another external number like a toll free and drops off the call, that uses 2 of my trunks and runs the call through my phone system even though my extension has disconnected.

Is there any way to set it so that users can conference a caller into another number still, but if the user in my office hangs up, it terminates the call for all parties and doesn’t allow it to continue using my trunks? Thanks!

Right I get that, I’m just referring to tadpole’s response about doing blindtransfer vs attended transfer, didn’t see the difference. Thanks for your help!

It’s going to tie up two trunks no matter how you do the transfer. The caller came into you, you then sent it off site.

Your provider would have to do some fancy reinvites and the FreePBX dialplan would likely have to be changed in order for the call to be offloaded. And that is not going to happen.

there are solutions to the agent appearing busy upon doing a transfer, but please take that up in another thread as I don’t want to hijack oshkosh’s thread and question.

I guess I’m confused with the different transfer types. Right now what they do is an external caller calls them, they press conference, they call another external number, hit join so all 3 parties are on the phone together, then they just hang up. In FOP2 panel, it shows now their extension is free, but it shows the incoming call and the number the agent called both as 2 trunks on the VoIP queue in use. Until one of those 2 people hang up, both trunks are being used.

Are you saying that if you do a blind transfer it will just send them to the new number and not tie up 2 of my voIP lines? Just confused how that’s different from conference, I always just thought of conference as being more polite where blind transfer was more for sending someone to voicemail etc.

I did tell everyone today not to do attended transfers but just wanted to check if there was any way to stop it, not a huge deal.

once an agent does an attended transfer to any number, inside or outside, that agent’s phone is tied up until everyone hangs up. i ties up lines and can really make a mess of a busy queue too. it gets really annoying when the transfer is to another agent. there is no way around this as far as i know and i have been deal with this for ages.

our general policy is simply to shoot agents who do attended transfers [as opposed to blind transfers]. usually just one or two sample executions works to get the problem under control quickly. we do provide them other tools to assist the blind transfer [like instant messaging]


In 3CX Phone System, using the xlite softphone, you can have an active call (external or internal) on line one, then you make an internal (or external) call on line 2, and, while both calls are active, you would press line one, transfer button, line 2, and the calls transfer to a separate channel and free-up your phone. You can do this as many times as you want. This is a function I would love to have on FreePBX. Maybe it exists, I just don’t know how to.