Restoring backups


We have a system built using AsteriskNOW that currently stands at the following versions:


We haven’t upgraded it (as you can see) purely because it has a very complex call flow and dial plan and we have not wanted to risk hosing the box.

My question is, if we take a backup of the system, what version of Asterisk+FreePBX can it be restored to? Can it be restored to a FreePBX Distro install or does it have to be an AsteriskNOW install? If it can be restored without issue to a FreePBX Distro, what version would it be safe to do so with?

Many thanks


It does not have to be an Asterisk Now system.

If I were you and the routing is that complex I would spin up a Virtual machine on a desktop running the same version FreePBX as you have (may need to downgrade a distro to achieve this). Then update that system to 2.10 FreePBX. Take a backup at the 2.10 level and restore it to a distro.

This would be the safest path.