Restoring Backups doesn't work


I’m running FreePBX and Backup & Restore 2.9.03 and have been running backups via FTP for awhile now. The other day I needed to do a small restore but nothing happens. I copied the backup file from my FTP server over to FreePBX. I made sure to set asterisk as the owner and file rights to 664.

When I try to restore entire backup set or even say restore system recordings nothing happens. When the warning pop up appears I hit ok. The page reloads and other than System Backup the main frame is blank. No message of any kind. The asterisk log of course doesn’t say anything. The Apply Configuration Changes bar appears at the top. Applying it nothing happens.

I can take the same backup and untar all the files manually and restore the database and that works.

Is there a tweak or change that I need to do, so I can do it quickly and easily from webpage?

I see that 2.9 isn’t officially supported in any capacity. But what other steps can I take to troubleshoot and resolve this?

Time is precious if there ever is a need to restore.