Restoring a default user on a adhoc device

I am running FreePBX 2.3 with AMPEXTENSIONS=deviceanduser in amportal.conf.
I have a SIP device which I have set the device type to ADHOC and associated it with a default user 6711.

When I dial 6711 from another device, the SIP phone rings as expected.
However, when another user logs in and out of the device, the default user association seems to get lost and now when I dial 6711, I get unavailable voice mail.
I can log 6711 back into the phone and it starts ringing again, or I can go into the Admin console and save the device with no changes and after applying the changes, 6711 is assoiated with the device again.

Is this expected behavior? Shouldn’t the default user be automatically be associated with a device after another user has logged out?

In my situation I have a ‘Hot Desk’ which has a phone with a default extension which can be used by visitors. However, when a staff member uses it the log themselves in with their extension number. I don’t want to have to manually log the default user back in each time after a staff member has finished using the desk, and if someone forgets, the phone won’t ring on it’s default extension.

You would think that it should work the way you describe but having reviewed the code recently, once a user logs in, the default user information gone from the device unless as you mentioned, you resubmit the information in FreePBX. It’s interesting how such issues as this come up ‘years’ after the feature has been developed and has had this issue. None the less, I agree with you and I would say file a bug against this in the tracker for us to review and decide how best to deal with it.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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