Restored our production version 13 into newly built version 14 so we can see if we can do same into itself

Greetings Gentleman!

Restored our production version 13 into newly built separate server with version 14 so we can see if we can do same but import in itself.
After importing backup from ver 13 there are no changes on the new server version 14 in configuration, no imported configuration from current server on the new server.
Checked the list of extensions that supposed to show up, nothing there besides the manual extension I entered myself.

Can anyone point in the right direction, what I am I doing wrong?


Mark. Z

You can not take a backup from 1 major version and restore on a different version. Starting with FreePBX 15 this will be supported but in 14 or older it is not supported.

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Tony thanks for getting to me so promptly,

That was in your guys instructions, how major is it? Its only one version from 13 to 14, is that so major?
What is the way to upgrade so we get stability so we dont have to reboot server like every few weeks because the sound become pretty bad on multiple phones?
Also it stated that Endpoint Manager support ends?
Would you look in out account so we would be on the same page please?



Upgrade your current system to 14. Then backup and restore from current to new deployment(assuming both machines are fully updated).

Wiki has tons of info that is overlooked daily, before posting to this forum.

I used another computer just to test the upgrade before we do it on production box, but what we want to do is just upgrade existing hardware which is fine.
So is this in place instruction is also for 13 to 14 version upgrade?



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