Restored from a backup (of another system) and now can't access the database

I loaded a server and took it to a client to swap with theirs since theirs had an ancient version of FreePBX (as well as a whole lot of other stuff on it that they dont use anymore). I then wiped their old machine and loaded the newest version of FreePBX. Trying to save time I did a backup of their new working system and restored it on the one that we had just wiped. Now when a call is ended I see this error in Putty:

ERROR[3282]: cdr_mysql.c:203 mysql_log: Cannot connect to database server localhost: (1045) Access denied for user ‘freepbxuser’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)

I think the restore overwrote the password and now I have no idea how to get the old password back.

Please help.

So I got into MYSQL with the root account and found the password but I’m wondering if it’s encypted since copying that into the cdr_mysql.conf file didnt work. I gave up, wiped the machine again, did another backup and restore but this time without saving the CDR info, and we have the same problem.

Why should the database be affected if I’m not even backing it up? I’m thinking that there is either an issue with the backup or the restore function, or both. Anyone know anything about this? It has 2.9 on it.

Also, as a seperate issue, when I do a restore the extensions can’t receive inbound calls. They can call outbound just fine but inbound calls go straight to voicemail (IVR works fine too). So I had to manually save each extension to make them work. For a smaller system like this it’s not that big of a deal but we have several systems with a good amount of phones (50+) and I can definitely see this being an issue.

Is this a bug that can be fixed?

Also, does anyone know a good way to update/refresh all extensions (and while we’re at it queues and ring groups) easily?