Restore settings broke my system

I have a backup FreeBPX and was getting it up to speed so it would match my existing system. I did a yum update and saw a lot of updates happening. I also did the update to 2.10 from the Admin/ menu. Everything went well and looked good so I did a restore from my active system’s backup made last night.

After that I had several things show as broken or Not Installed (Available online 2:11.03). I think it’s obvious that my backup system go ahead of my live system and when I did the restore I broke it. The question now is, How do I update everything so it’s no longer broke?

I’ve tried doing another yum update (nothing to update) and I’ve run the module updates repeatedly doing any update it would let me do but since I’m seeing that message, I have to think I’m still in some sort of half updated state.

Is there a way to recover or do I start over?
Asterisk (Ver. (yum update askterisk11 says there are is no package available).

I was able to solve my problem by selecting the FORCE update option on the FreePBX Framework tab.