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Restore problems

(Tv Engr) #1

With the freepbx system ver 6.12 down i attempted to build a ner freepbx system to test a restore

the examples show a .gtz file however my backups are are .tar

when attempting to do the restore the .tar file does nothing.

what am i doing wrong?

Any help appreacated

(Itzik) #2

First question: is the new PBX the same version as the old one?

(Tv Engr) #3

Yes freepbx and same asterisk versions


How did you make the .tar backups?

(Tv Engr) #5

it was set up in the backup and restore and FTPed to a different server

(Itzik) #6

Maybe try to spin up a new VM with FreePBX 14 and try to use the conversation tool
If it works, then follow the below instructions to move everything How to: Upgrade FreePBX13 to FreePBX14 on Hyper V - Guide

(Lorne Gaetz) #7

I am pretty sure that the FreePBX Backup and Restore module has never created tar files.