Restore not working --

Have an issue with a new install.

Created an Back called Now and copied over a similar back from the Machine I am attempting to replicate. The Restore fails with an error in the HTPP Log file.

[Sun Feb 15 14:26:57 2009] [error] [client] PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: Message in /var/www/html/admin/modules/backup/schedule_functions.php on line 250, 

Line 250 is in an error routine that indicates it needs help. But no real explanation as to how it got here…

        if (! $error) {
                $Message=_("Restore Failed, see System Status Notification for details");
                return ($Message);
        } else {
                // TODO: put in notification error and add code above to collect details
                //       along the way to put something meaningful in it
                return ($Message);   <<< Line 250 

PBX in a Flash Version 1.3 Daemon Status

  • Asterisk * ONLINE * Zaptel * ONLINE * MySQL * ONLINE *
  • SSH * ONLINE * Apache * ONLINE * Iptables * ONLINE *
  • Fail2ban * ONLINE * IP Connect* ONLINE * Ip6tables * ONLINE *
  • BlueTooth * ONLINE * Hidd * ONLINE * NTPD * ONLINE *
  • Sendmail * ONLINE * Samba * OFFLINE * Webmin * ONLINE *
  • Ethernet0 * ONLINE * Ethernet1 * N/A * Wlan0 * N/A *

  • Running Asterisk Version : Asterisk
  • Asterisk Source Version :
  • Zaptel Source Version :
  • Libpri Source Version : 1.4.8
  • Addons Source Version : 1.4.7

pbx.local on - eth0
CentOS release 5.2 (Final) :32 Bit Kernel: 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5

FreePBX ==
Core setup Enabled
FreePBX Framework setup Enabled
Backup & Restore tool Enabled

Can anyone with more familiarity to the code help with some direction please –

First make sure both machines have the exact same version of FreePBX, fully updated. Then on the target machine, run a dummy backup called now. This will create the correct directory structure for the backups and create a tarball in that folder that can be deleted.

Now create a backup on the source machine and copy the tarball to the newly created “now” folder in /var/lib/asterisk/backups/. Run restore from FreePBX and you should be good to go.


I agree this is the procedure and the way I have done it many times. But this time something is out of sync and there is no way to what and in fact because of the error occurring the user does not even know that something failed without digging into the log files.

What is the variable “$Message” supposed to contained ?