Restore not showing FTP as an option FreePBX 15

Installed FreePBX 15 distro in new VM. Setup Filestore in settings for FTP server. When going to Backup and Restore,restore doesn’t display FTP server.

This feature requires filestore be setup and may not be availible on a clean install

Question is how to get the FTP server in the Restore page?


Please check this out, i hope it will help you.


Hi @Hawkeye In FreePBX-15 storage options are moved into independent module called “Filestore” so you have to configure the storage option in “Filestore” module and then use the same into Backup & Restore module.

Refer to as well along with @mmishra shared wiki for FreePBX-15 Backup & Restore.


HI, thank you for replying.
As stated originally, I had already setup filestore and added FTP server to it. When going to the Restore page, the FTP server does not appear.

i did use the CLI to do the initial restore of the FreePBX 13 file and it ‘seems’ to have worked. Just find it kind of strange the RESTORE page doesn’t show the FTP server.

Prior to running the restore via CLI, updated all modules and removed modules not in the FreePBX 13 server so they are equal in terms of installed/running modules.

Hi @Hawkeye

Backup Restore module functionality in FreePBX 15 is changed. If you add a FTP/SSH server in Filestore and you have some backup files in there or uploaded few backup files in there then the files will not show up in the Restore section.

The Restore section shows only the backup files generated by the FreePBX 15 system and saved in your filestore system (FTP/SSH or any other)

Because in FreePBX 15 we store the backup entries in the database and if there is a entry in the database then it will try to fetch that file link from your filestore server.

Thank you

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