Restore not restoring PBX settings

I have a production box running 2.10 that was upgraded from the scripts. I create a Complete Backup to the Local Server and rsync /var/spool/asterisk/backup to a Secondary box and a Tertiary box. The Secondary box was also upgraded to 2.10 from the scripts. The Tertiary box is a brand new install from a 2.10 ISO and then updated through the Module Admin in the GUI.

I am unable to Restore teh PBX settings. I program it to take a Full Restore by dragging the Template over to the left. It restores the CDRs, the voicemail, system recordings, everything but the most important thing, the PBX settings such as Extenstions, Routes, IVRs, etc.

This still works perfectly on two boxes that DO NOT have the latest Backup and Restore updates. They say Online upgrade available ( and they work perfectly.

I posted a bug and they don’t seem to be able to reproduce. Any help? I’ve spent all day trying to restore these boxes every way conceivable. Works every time on the boxes that do not have the Online upgrade available (


Same problem for me. My systems are both running FreePBX 1.816.210.58-1

It does appear like the restore process restores some things for me. My voicemail folders appear to be restored in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail. I don’t see any folder called /var/spool/asterisk/sounds though…

When I log into the web interface, I don’t see any extensions, trunks or any settings that have been restored.

cd /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom/
is where all your system recordings are. Sorry. Wrong path.

Yes. Our recordings are in there. It seems like the restore script is just broken in 1.816.210.58-1 and not restoring the databases. Does anyone knows how to execute the restore script from command line, or where it is located?

I could try and troubleshoot it later this week when I have some time.

I’ve posted another bug ticket asking them to roll the module back. I’m in a real bind. We should get an answer soon. These guys are quite responsive.

Great. At least the backup appears good :slight_smile:

I posted something real similar a couple days ago, would love to hear some updates.

I noticed this too in FreePBX and backuprestore while backup/restore’ing between two boxen.

for example :-

php /var/lib/asterisk/bin/restore.php --restore=/var/spool/asterisk/backup/nightly/20121015-000101-1350284461-1023147996.tgz --items=YTozOntzOjg6InNldHRpbmdzIjtzOjQ6InRydWUiO3M6MzoiY2RyIjtzOjQ6InRydWUiO3M6NToiZmlsZXMiO2E6Mjp7aTowO3M6NDoiL2V0YyI7aToxO3M6NDoiL3ZhciI7fX0=

(where decoding from Base64, --items=a:3:{s:8:“settings”;s:4:“true”;s:3:“cdr”;s:4:“true”;s:5:“files”;a:2:{i:0;s:4:"/etc";i:1;s:4:"/var";}} WTF!!) which should be everything, exits cleanly without reporting a problem yet your asterisk database in mysql has not been restored.

My solution is as follows, in your backup tgz file there are two files mysql-3.sql and mysql-4.sql, the first one is the asterisk database and the second is asteriskcdrdb, extract the mysql dump from the tgz and:-

mysql -u root -pyourrootpassword -D asterisk < mysql-3.sql

This should restore the mysql database that at least for some users does not seem to be restored. you will possibly need to play with passwords in /etc/freepbx and /etc/asterisk/manager* and mysql if “migrating” and touch up sip*.conf and iax2*.conf if you restored them by accident.

The ticket has a new module. Please test and comment IN THE TICKET. Thanks