Restore Issue

I had a hard drive failure and installed new copy of FreePBX, when I do a restore of a full backups it show’s uploading file but nothing in the GUI is restored? All my settings are gone… Is there something I am missing?

Are you restoring to an exact same version?

The tarball is prob too big to upload via the GUI. Copy on the system using sftp or some other method, and restore that way.

I put the TGZ file in /var/lib/asterisk/ is that correct? What do I need to do to restore it?

On the target system run the ‘default backup’ once to establish the folders. Then copy your tarball to /var/spool/asterisk/backup/default, ensure ownership is asterisk:asterisk then you can use the GUI to browse to the uploaded file to restore.

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Thank You very much! Everything has restored, I was sick thinking I might have to recreate all that stuff.

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