Restore from "Upload File" doesn't work for most files

I saved a backup on one FreePBX ( and copy the backup file to a windows server.
On another identical FreeBPX I try to Restore the file using the Import tab: “Upload File” Browse. FreePBX says it uploads the file (percentage counts up to 100%) and then… nothing. It doesn’t give me an option to restore and there are no error messages in any log that I can find (asterisk or freepbx.)
This does work for a config only backup, but not for a full backup.
If I copy the full backup to the new machines backup directory, and then use the Browse tab under Restore, everything works fine.
I spent an hour or more on this. Hopefully others won’t waste their time like I did.
If Import doesn’t actually work, maybe it should be disabled or at least an error message warning that it only sometimes works. Also, some sort of error message when it fails would be helpful.

As far as I remember, this was discussed already a few times here, however, seems like no one reported this bug.

If you’d like to take the time to report:

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