Restore from Legacy to FreePBX 15 Times out


I am trying to backup fro FPBX13 to FPBX15. I selected everything (full backup, cdr, etc). It is a large file, 6GB. It runs through the upload all the way to 100% and then just goes to a “This page isn’t working” error (HTTP Error 500).

When I refresh and it reloads, nothing was imported at all. It’s just as is was. Thoughts?

New server: FreePBX
Old Server: FreePBX

I never understand why do people think it is smart to upload gigs of data via HTML

Use scp to send the file to your server and restore with command line.

Because you are asking, I assume WinSCP. Go get it and upload the file.

Then log in via SSH or console.

Move the file to someplace FreePBX knows about. If a clean install, then /var/spool/asterisk

mv whatever-datestamp.tar.gz /var/spool/asterisk/

Make sure permissions are good

fwconsole chown

Restore the backup

fwconsole backup --restore=/var/spool/asterisk/whatever-datestamp.tar.gz
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So, that definitely didn’t play nice haha. I’ll probably have to exclude the CDR data / recordings and try again.

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