Restore from FrePBX 2.10 breaks FreePBX 15

I have a FreePBX backup from a FreePBX 2.10 / Asterisk 1.8 system that was running on Ubuntu 12.04.

When I run the restore, there are a lot of errors spewed, and then FreePBX is broke on completion.

I cannot even use fwconsole

Hey Jared:

The “no such column: helptext on line 310 of file …” are non fatal and have to do with restoring feature codes from old versions. I have an internal ticket on that already, but 99% sure that’s not your issue.

Error on line 1153 looks familiar, review this thread: UPGRADE from (too) OLD ver to ver 14. How is that possible?

That resolved fwconsole.

On to the next thing.
Immediately after issuing he fwconsole reload I navigated to the dashboard and it walked me through the Firewall wizard again.

Upon completion of that, the console spits this out every minute.

Broadcast message from [email protected] (Wed Apr  8 21:30:23 2020):

Firewall service now starting.

Broadcast message from [email protected] (Wed Apr  8 21:30:23 2020):

Can't find 'firewall' user in /etc/asterisk/manager_additional.conf. Firewall m
onitoring broken! (Did you forget to click 'Reload'?)

Should be a simple fix with a reload or possible reinstall firewall module and reload.

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That did resolve the firewall issue. But there were other problems related to not having a couple modules installed that needed data restored to. So I am doing it again. Will post any issues.

But I have a question, is there a switch (did not see any in the wiki) to restore but leave trunks deactivated? Or do I need to do that separately/manually before I reload after the restore?

Edit: by “that did resolve” I mean I had to fully remove and reinstall the firewall module to resolve the issue.

I don’t believe there is such a switch for legacy restore, but perhaps @kgupta1 knows for sure.

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So same functional results.

  • Installed FreePBX 15 202002.
  • Updated all the things from ssh.
  • Opened the web interface and went through the wizards.
  • Rebooted.
  • uploaded the backup via scp.
  • ran the restore.
  • updated SQL to let fwconsole work again.
  • disabled the trunks.
  • reloaded freepbx.
  • deleted the firewall and reinstalled.
  • reloaded freepbx.
  • logged into GUI and went through firewall wizard again

System seems functional. Making a new post on potential “issues”

Restore with non-default AMPWEBROOT issue is marked as resolved in Framework v15.0.16.49.

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bug report opened on this issue.

Can confirm this is resolved.

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