Restore from FreePBX 2.1.1 to 2.3.0


Currently am using Trixbox 1.2.3 with FreePBX 2.1.1. Due to some issues on the server side we are planning to upgrade our existing trixbox version to new Trixbox 2.2.8.

While do the upgrade i tried to restore the existing versions backup to the newly installed trixbox machine. However, when the backup is restored from the backup file, freepbx is going back to its old version 2.1.1

I would be greatfull if someone let me know is it supported to restore the freepbx data from one version to another. If so, how?

Thanks & Regards

It is highly recommended that when moving from one system to another you do it at the same version level. There are database changes that can and have happened between versions so migrating from one box to another really only works perfectly when they are at the same version or VERY close ( to say

In your particular case you are definately jumping versions where there are database changes. If at all possible upgrade the old box to a 2.3.x version before doing a backup and restore. There are many, many people who have made the freepbx jump from there to current release without a issue or only a minor issue. To be safe read and follow the directions for upgrading on this site and make sure you specify the --force-version= option (this would be the minor issue) so it knows to upgrade the database changes that are needed between the versions. I’d also update the modules to current versions before migrating so you don’t have module issues.