Restore from backup

I am using 2.2.12 ce, and am able to restore to a new server with the same version. However, the telephones are not able to call each other. We are kinda stuck with this version for now as we do not want to re create every extension in a newer version. Thanks for the help.

Did you verify that the new server has the same IP address as your old server?

Did you determine if the phones have successfully registered with the new server?

One thing that we have had to do after a restore is go into each extension and “Submit” again and “Apply Configuration”.


New server has the same IP. If this is a restore, phones should auto register yes?


I read that in the forums, and did submit again with no luck.


In FreePBX, go to System Admin–>Asterisk Info–>Peers. Do your phones/extensions have a status of OK?

Sorry guys, I can dial out, dial in between, but when I dial intra calls roll to voice mail immediately. Even from the outside coming in they roll to VM.

I changed the follow me settings, and the initial ring tome from zero to 5.That did the trick, working now-- yahoo. I changed it back to zero (default), and it is still working fine. Very strange

Maybe the follow me settings needed to be re-submitted and ‘Applied’. :slight_smile: