Restore Freepbx15 to PBxact?

I have a Freepbx 15 system and the customer purchased a PBXact system. Is it possible to restore the freepbx 15 system to PBxact? Two different boxes.

Short answer, yes.

The official installation method of non-hardware PBXact is to install FreePBX 15 (distro) then add the license. Once you add the license it downloads the branding and restarts everything.

Long answer, I would probably be careful about module versions with the faster pace of FreePBX vs PBXact.

But still the new backup just keeps all the data in json files except the CDR/CEL, which are still sql dumps.

some folks might say ‘all data’ is an exaggeration, all strictly module based data perhaps, ‘custom stuff’ apparently not so much, caveate implimentor

It does if you do it right. But then if you are customizing, that is on you.

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