Restore FreePBX from Filesystem


my FreePBX (installed 14 from Distro and updated it to 15 someday) has been running very long without any issues, however the underlying disk has become corrupt and it doesn’t boot anymore. I haven’t changed any configuration for probably years.

Now I would like to install FreePBX on a new disk, and I have the old machine saved in different ways:

  • file system backups that are up to date on a network storage
  • I believe I also set up the backup module, but I cannot remember where it would save which files.
  • I have been able to create an image using ddrescue which I can mount. I got 10 bad sectors during the creation and am optimistic the FreePBX specific files are all there.
  • I found also two archives that have been created when there were distro updates, in /var/spool/asterisk/backup

I would like to restore the configuration (endpoints etc), it would be nice to also have the call database, but i don’t care for recordings and stuff. Is there a way to restore my config from one of the sources above?


You can search for backups

find /WhereMounted -name '*.tar.gz'

and find the asterisk likely ones.

The call records would be in

cp -ar /WhereMounted/var/lib/mysql/asteriskcdrdb /var/lib/mysql/oops 

from where you mysqldump or whatever

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