Restore FreePBX 13 backup on FreePBX14

I’m rebuilding our system to get rid of my custom rolled deployments and move to a fully Sangoma compliant version. I figured while at it I may as well jump straight up to 14.

Only question I have for it, and it’s quick, is does the restore of a 13 backup on 14 work smoothly?

If it does, that will make life simple. If not, I’ll be doing a hand rebuild

There is (was) a feature request to make the restore from an older version work with newer versions of the database, but I don’t remember if it was slated for 13 or later.

You could try it and see - worst case, you end up with a system you have to hand-jam.

Use the Bulk handler and pull off as much as you can into CSV files so you can drag them back into the new version - that should work for you. It’s isn’t a “backup and restore”, but it should save you some typing.