Restore fails from v14 to v15

hi, did fresh install v15 1910 and restored backup of config from v14 all the restore output went well with an error in the very end "the process “fwconsole extip” exceeded the timeout of 60 seconds. i closed the restore output window and clicked apply settings but it came up with unknown error and asked me to fwconsole reload --verbose… when i do this… it throws the same error on CLI too… "the process “fwconsole extip” exceeded the timeout of 60 seconds.

please help.

I can confirm this behavior also occurred for me after a similar v15 build and restore of a v14 backup. I abandoned the v15 setup and stayed with v14.

extip queries the mirror server for your external IP address. Since the mirror server was down all weekend the command could not complete.

Thanks for the explanation. “the process “fwconsole extip” could not contact the mirror server” would be a more meaningful message in terms of trying to work out what the failure was being caused by.

well it is working today… i have done nothing just applied the configuration and it worked…

i assume it needs an internet connection to query mirror server then what about people who never want this freepbx system to have internet access at all or provide it only when updating? how would one do that? .

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