Restore failing when upgrading from 1.818.210.58-1 to 1.818.210.62-2 or 1.1010.210.62-2

Since the 58 distro is going end of life, I wanted to get my small pbx upgraded to the 62 distro.

Everything I read made it sound like the backup/restore module should handle this, but it is failing miserably for me. First of all this is not a very compex system. Two SIP drunks, 4 extensions, a sangoma A200 card (1FXO & 1FXS module).

Here’s what I did. I had the latest 58 distro installed (1.818.210.58-1). I did a full system backup in the backup/restore module.

First I did a fresh install 1.1010.210.62-2 and ran into trouble, so I thought maybe it was the difference in asterisk versions, so I did a fresh install of 1.818.210.62-2 and ran into the same trouble.

Here’s what happens. I install the new distro. Upload my restore file. And go through the full system restore process in the backup/restore module. When done, I go to the free pbx system status dashboard. Everything looks great. My two trunks show online, as do my extensions. Then I reboot the system.

Upon reboot, the dashboard doesn’t show trunks or extensions at all. But if I go into the configuration module for trunks and extension, everything looks configured properly there. I also get a warning that there is no conference room app installed in the notification.

I log into the asterisk cli. I issue a module show command. It says there are no modules installed.

I’m at a loss here. I can rebuild the system from scratch, as it’s not that big of a system. But I sure think this ought to work properly. Am I doing something stupid? I’d sure be happy if that were the case. Any suggestions?

I forgot to mention. All are 64bit distros.