Restore Failed v16 missing DPMA Mgmt

So I finally got my long time v15 distro deployment upgraded to v16 this week and fully working… Ran yum update -y and fwconsole ma upgradall then did a Backup in preperation to moving to new hardware.

I installed v16 distro on the new hardware, ran yum update -y and fwconsole ma upgradeall after installation. I activated the new install with the same Existing Deployment ID as the old server… I then shut down the old server and changed IP address from DHCP to the same static IP as my old hardware on the new server and rebooted. I can now access the new server via SSH and Webadmin GUI on the same old IP address that I gave to the new server.

I then went to Backup/Restore and restored my v16 backup I just made on the old server before shutting it down… It failed, saying lost connection… I assume thats because during the restore I saw it changed my HTTPS port from 443 to what I was using on my old server (5443)…I was able to log back into the gui but this time with the new HTTPS port (5443). I ran the restore again… It made it farther along but did not get a complete message…

The system is up and running, 5 of my phones are connected, Sangoma Connect is working… butttt my main office phone D80 is just trying to contact server… When I go to EPM>DPMA Mgmt I get a blank white page and it says LIcense Not Registered… I assume this is why my D80 wont register is because DPMA Mgmt is broken…

Any suggestions??

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