Restore failed half way through due to a network error?

(D E) #1

Weirdly a restore failed in the middle due to a network error? It said to check the console log (presumably the browser console) for errors but I found there none.

However, the restore seems to have restored…

Is there any way I can check a log to see if indeed it did fail or if it managed to recover and finish?


(Nate) #2

Check /var/log/asterisk/ if you’re on FreePBX 15. You should have a backup*.log (not sure off the top of my head what the exact file name is on a restore.)


One can only assume that if the update was not 100% , then the ‘signature check’ would than fail ongoing.

(D E) #4

Dicko would that be true even for database tables rather than modules?


No, it wouldn’t.